The Issues


Stop the auction to protect and preserve important wildlife habitat and migration corridors

According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, if the Kelly Parcel is disposed of and developed “the resulting habitat loss and fragmentation may have substantial impacts to area wildlife.”

It contains suitable habitat for Sage Grouse, which could be impacted by the sale.

Nearly 100 “Wyoming Species of Greatest Need” have also been identified on or near the parcel, including moose, bald eagle, bighorn sheep, Brewer’s sparrow, American kestrel, Western Toad and Columbia spotted frogs.

Importantly, the auction could also:

  • cut off a critical migration corridor for thousands of elk, antelope and deer
  • impact WGFD’s ability to manage and harvest bison.


Stop the Auction to preserve access for hunters and outdoor users

The Kelly Parcel is unique in that it is surrounded by Grand Teton National Park on the north and west sides, GTNP and the National Elk Refuge on the southern boundary, and the Bridger-Teton National Forest on the remaining eastern boundaries.

It provides opportunities for hunting and fishing and other outdoor recreation.

For hunters, the parcel is home to big game, including bison, elk and white-tailed deer. It also provides opportunities for small game and upland bird hunting.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says that hunting opportunities could be “lost or diminished with disposal.”

Currently, a Jackson mountain bike operator is permitted to lead guided tours on the Kelly Parcel and another operator is permitted to conduct trail rides and cookouts. Both are threatened if the Kelly Parcel is disposed of at auction.


Stop the Auction to protect and conserve land within GTNP

The 640-acre Kelly Parcel is the last remaining piece of State Trust Land located within Grand Teton National Park.

If auctioned, Wyoming would become the first state to auction off public land within the boundaries of a national park.

The Kelly Parcel affords stunning views of the entire Teton Range, and is part of a migration corridor for elk and antelope between GTNP and the National Elk Refuge. It is also habitat for bison, moose, sage grouse and many other species.

It is bisected by the Gros Ventre River and is bordered by GTNP to the north, west and south (a small section of the National Elk Refuge intersects also with the parcel’s southern border) and the Bridger-Teton National Forest to the east.


Stop the Auction to stop the prospect of losing this special place forever

No one can say for certain what will become of the Kelly Parcel if Wyoming officials continue with their misguided effort to auction it off to the highest bidder.

But given Jackson Hole’s designation as among the richest counties in America and a destination for the ultra-wealthy, the prospect is concerning.

This auction is akin to putting an ‘Open House’ sign in one of America’s preeminent national parks.

While development of the land is unfathomable, it is believed that a minimum of 18 homes could be built on the parcel if it was purchased and subdivided.

It doesn’t matter what state officials say about guardrails around the sale or what private owners say they intend to do with the land. Once it’s sold out from under the public, all bets are off.

The auction is an invitation for billionaires to buy up public land, fence it off, and shut down public access.

Worse? Hedge funds and deep-pocketed and well-connected financial enterprises that are driven by profit would almost certainly try to maximize a return on investment by lobbying lawmakers for expanded development rights.

Auctioning the Kelly Parcel threatens to change this special place forever. Join us in keeping something akin to a private, Yellowstone Club, out of Grand Teton National Park.

Protect our public lands. Add your voice to those urging Wyoming officials to Stop the Auction of the Kelly Parcel